Dress Prices

Short dress prices range from $25-$65 plus $5 cleaning fee
Long dresses can be anywhere from $50-$150 plus $10 cleaning fee.

The majority of long dresses are priced between $65 – $90 + cleaning. The average prom rental price is usually between $80-$100 after cleaning, alterations, sales tax, etc. The dresses that are going to be priced $100+ are going to be the newer, brand name designer, super sequined, and/or pageant-style gowns.

We do offer $5 discounts to returning customers who have shared their photos, wearing one of our dresses, via Facebook, Instagram, bringing a nice photo to hang in the shop, or directly sending it to us. It is a small thank you for sharing your events with us, we love to see our gowns in action. 🙂

How do I rent?


(prices below are for dress-renting customers)

Jackets/Boleros – $5
Hoops for long dresses – $5
Petticoats for short dresses – $5
Jewelry set (3-pieces) – $10, or $5/piece
Shoes – $5
Beaded Belt Accents – $10 (or $15 to make a new one)
Masquerade Masks – $5
Opera Gloves – $3

     For non-dress-renting customers: Double the price if you are renting one or more of these items and NOT renting a dress from us. Additionally, we require you to leave a cash or check deposit in the FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE of whatever item(s) you rent. You will receive the difference between the rental and replacement values upon return of item(s). Unfortunately, this is a necessary security measure because we have had too many cases where people do not return their items at all.

Alteration Fees:

Alteration fees are dependent on time, material, etc, on a case-by-case basis. However, the general range is $5-$25. Most fees are between $5-$10 for simple hook and eye alterations. *We DO NOT alter dresses that are not our own.*

Set alteration fees:

Simple Alterations – $5-$10
Straps – $15
Hem – $20-$25
Making a lace-up back – $25