How does the rental process work?

When you find a dress you want to rent, you fill out a Rental Agreement with us, in shop. After signing the agreement and paying a down payment for your dress, it is held for the day of your event. Rentals are cleaned and repaired before you pick them up.

The typical process for school dance rentals is: Pick up the day before your dance (Friday, occasionally Thursday) and return the following Monday. Typical rentals are 3-4 days over a weekend.

How much does it cost to rent a dress?

Prices vary depending on the dress, but there is always a $5 cleaning fee for short dresses and $10 for long dresses. Check out our page on Rental Prices.

How do I pay?

At least a 50% non-refundable, but transferable deposit* is required on the day you reserve your dress in order to hold it for your date.  You are more than welcome to pay for the full amount of your dress if you chose to do so; however, only a deposit is required.

*See the section below about our Cancellation Policy and transferable deposits.

Which payment options do you accept?

Cash is preferred, but we do accept credit cards (no American Express) and checks. In order to run a credit card, amount must be AT LEAST $30.

How do pick-ups and returns work?

Pick-ups are the day before your event. Typically, pick-ups are on Fridays for Saturday school dances; although, special arrangements can be made beforehand at the time of reservation. Pick-ups are ALWAYS after 3:30 PM, regardless of pick-up day.

Returns are the Monday following your event between 3:30-7:00 PM. A late fee of $10 per late day will be charged to the renter if dress is not returned on time. We need both adequate turnover time for dresses to be cleaned/repaired between weeks, and all dresses back in order to show customers on Tuesdays. Please be conscious that all items are returned, including the heavy-duty hanger and garment bag.

For special circumstances (i.e., cruises, weddings, parties, etc.) arrangements for pick-ups and returns will be made at time of reservation.

Weekly Open Hours

Do I have to dry-clean my dress after renting?

Absolutely not! The dress is cleaned and repaired before you pick it up; that is the cleaning fee you have paid for. Please just be considerate and let us know upon return if the dress has had any damage (bad rips, spills, etc.).

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations are allowed with sufficient notice. Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred. Transferable deposits are held for future use at One Stop Dress Shop. We allow these transfer credits to be used for different dances, or for a family member. Deposits will be made void in the case of a cancellation within 4 days of event or a no-show pick up. This means NO CREDIT and NO REFUND.

Do you buy used dresses?

Of course we do; however, we take into account the BRAND, SIZE, COLOR, STYLE, CONDITION, AGE, and more, before deciding on buying a dress. Often we will give you a better value on a trade (e.g., your dress in exchange for a dress rental) than we will cash out, but we are happy to do either.

Rule of thumb regarding resale of dresses:  It is a common misconception to expect a majority of the price you paid for an expensive dress. Unfortunately, a realistic resale on dresses is about 25% of the sale price, if even that. Formal dresses depreciate quickly, more so with each use. This is the standard that we use when considering buying a used dress.

Common example to illustrate: you buy a dress at $400 and take it home –> dress value has now gone down to $200. You wear it once –> dress value is now $100. Leaving it in the back of your closet for multiple years only decreases that value. We rarely buy a used dress for more than $100, unless it is in awesome condition and highly rentable for us.

Note: during the off-season in the summertime, we buy less dresses. It would be in your best interest to wait until the dress season (Fall- Beginning of Summer).

What do you look for in a used dress?

  • Lace-up vs. Zipper Closure – Lace-ups are ideal for rental purposes because they can be fit by a larger range of girls; zippers are fine too, depending on the size and other dress attributes.
  • Condition – Snags in chiffon dresses or armpit stains from deodorant significantly decrease the wear and rent-ability of a dress. This is because they will not last as long and require much more maintenance/repair.
  • Age – Dresses purchased in the last few years have a better chance of renting for us…many dresses older than that have a hard time renting. Styles change so quickly and dresses older than even three years look it.
  • Simple vs. Beaded – The more beaded and sparkly the dress, the better. Not to say we don’t take simple dresses, it’s just that beaded dresses are often more attractive to renters. We are not interested in simple, cotton, Sunday dresses.
  • Cap-sleeves: Cap-Sleeve dresses are HARD FOR US TO RENT. It seems odd, but it is true. We will not take in a used cap-sleeve dress for much, unless it is super-beaded and is a current style. The 50 or so cap-sleeves we do have are all mostly beaded and sparkly – those are what rent.
  • Uniqueness:  We pride ourselves in having a diverse and unique selection of dresses and love expanding that aspect of our collection. If you have a dress with a special pattern, design, fit, or attribute that is different than the “current” styles that you see everyone wearing, we will most likely be interested.

* These are simply guidelines on what we pay attention to when buying a dress. You may have something that may not fit these exact guidelines that we could still be interested in. It is always worth a try.

How can I contact you about a dress I want to sell?

If you have read the information above, the selling process will be much faster for you. There are a few ways you can go about selling to us:

  1. Text the pictures to Cami’s number. Let her know you got the information from the website and she can tell you if she is interested in your dress(es). This may be a good idea, especially if you live far away and don’t want to come all the way to the shop. Be prepared to let her know the dress’s size and brand, as well as how much you are expecting to get from the sale.
  2. Bring the dress(es) into the shop so we can talk to you about your dresses and see them in person. It is a faster way to get feedback and you’ll know right then whether we are interested or not.

Do you buy dresses on consignment?

No – we do not like to be in between the owner of a dress and a renter. We own all of our dresses.

Are you open in the summer?

Yes, although hours are limited. Instead of weekly open hours, summer hours are by appointment only. Call or text Cami to set up at appointment. Normal dress hours will resume in the Fall, once school has started again. Hours are posted on our Hours & Info page.