The Dress Lady

Oh my Gatsby! Its the Dress Lady

About Cami:


Camille Trapp, AKA The Dress Lady, is an artist by trade. She has years of creative experience painting and decorating, and she loves to test her creativity. The shop provides a variety of projects, from “blinging” up masquerade masks and Gatsby headbands to creative alterations on dresses. When she’s not busy with the mayhem of prom, Cami spends time with her family or in the garden. She also lives with her husband and four kids of all ages.

How the Shop Started:

Cami and her husband were both in construction and were hit hard when the economy crashed in 2008. At the time, her oldest daughter and two nieces were all in high school and excited about school dances. Naturally, finding expensive prom dresses was a tough pill to swallow. Additionally, all three girls ranged from size to size, presenting a new problem. Cami  searched and found a dress rental shop. She was thrilled with the  concept of renting, but after visiting the shop was frustrated with the range of sizes .and that it was so far away. Shortly after, within a week or so,  Cami  decided to open a shop of her own.  Her a goal was to open with at least a dozen great dresses form  00 to 20.  A dozen for each     size that is.  Having the very tiny and plus sizes were a main focus in starting the business.

Three months later she opened with over 400 dresses, and One Stop Dress Shop was born. She likes to laugh about it now, saying if she had known the amount of work a dress rental shop requires, like 2 full tie jobs, she’d have run for the hills!  In her first year open,  a client asked her if she did any  custom alterations on the dresses. At that moment, she stopped and realized the shop would be about more than just a prom-ready girl and a dress with the perfect fit.

Now, years later, The Dress Lady understands the formal dress industry and has learned to manage the current trends in dress styles, practical and attractive alterations to manage modesty and fit, as well as how to produce high-quality dress rentals despite the wear-and-tear commonly associated with rentals. In addition, she has a way of adding a personal and friendly touch to help women and girls alike find gowns they love for whatever needs they have.

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