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Camille Trapp: Contact Info

Mobile Phone: (801) 842-5684

* Texting is the best way to contact Cami. She can respond better and calls often get dropped in the basement of her home.

* Cami RARELY answers her phone on Friday mornings (especially on big pick-up dates) because we are too busy altering and getting dresses ready. Again, texting is better.

Learn a little about Cami Trapp, aka The Dress Lady


Taylor Hahn: Contact Info

If you need to send dance pictures to us for picture discounts and you would like me to upload them to our Facebook or Instagram pages for you, send them to:

One Stop Dress Shop – Facebook

*If you do sent pictures, please include your (or your daughter’s) name so we know who to give credit to

*If you don’t want your pictures on our Facebook for safety reasons, that is totally fine. You are more than welcome to bring us in a printed (good quality) picture for us to hang in the shop and still get the discount.